wedgekun asked:

Hey Tark! Art question: when you draw (traditionally or digitally) how big should we go for the final product

DP Scrap Pile Answer:

i usually start in a letterbox 11x8,5 inches at 300dpi. this way im sure that everything i do is printable and in a standard format

omg, yesterday i received more than 300 notes between reblogs, followers, and likes.

Thanks to everyone of you, you’re super lovely! *big hug* I honestly didn’t expect such a big reception for the blog. 

ps. i’m close to 1000 followers milestone! o.o 

eroborus asked:

Tarketto do you think you could fit inside me?

DP Scrap Pile Answer:

Can’t say until we try! 

faunsmeadow asked:

Yes it is a compliment. Hot page.

DP Scrap Pile Answer: